Are You A Writer?
...Or A Typist?

Peter E Taylor ©2004

Are you a writer?

We regiment the teaching of handwriting styles in school, and insist on conforming to the standard, yet how many of us do not like our own handwriting? Sometimes it feels like being forced to wear someone else's out-of-date clothes. It does not reflect the way we feel about ourselves. It is 'not us'.

I wonder how many of us have favourite free flowing pens, and choose a particular variety of silky smooth paper to write on. How many people use a fountain pen to caress words on to paper? The forming of words, in handwriting, can be likened to the dancer projecting himself in the rhythm and pattern of the dance. Our pen glides, races and dances, and writing becomes a tactile and emotion charged creation. A personal expression in the rhythm and flow of letter shapes. The well balanced writing instrument, the feel of a sensual pliant pen nib or a supercharged rollerball racing machine, the warmth and softness of a pad of perfect paper, the easy flow of the ink ...all seductively affect the release of our thoughts and the flow of our feelings. Do we think of ourselves as writers, rather than typists, because writing by hand truly releases the music from the depth of the soul?

OK, I'm just 'stirring', for fun. Typing on the computer's great, and I couldn't do without my box of technology for changing the order of things, making corrections and editing - but there are some days when the moving fingers do not type fluently. Curled up on the couch, in some spine-wrecking position, with pen and paper can then get me back in the flow.

With a writing implement, pen, pencil, whatever, I just become more 'alive' at times. By writing by hand, even scribble, I respond to the tension, love, flamboyance or whatever emotion I am writing about, the writing changes, and words often flow better than if I were typing. It helps me to live the situation. And I can scatter thoughts around the page and doodle.

Then there is the place to write. I can never write anything worthwhile on our kitchen table. I have several favoured places around the house. Different days, different moods, different places. I think I need a lap-top....and a pen and paper.

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