A Bedtime Story For Children
'Penny Platypus to the Rescue'

Please feel free to print this page so that you can read it as a bedtime story ...or at any other time.

I hope children enjoy the story of Penny Platypus. It was written with the hope that one day it will become a picture book. So far it is unpublished, and has not been illustrated (because publishers usually like to organise illustration themselves) - but I hope it's still good to read or listen to.If your child enjoys it, please let me know and tell me their age.

I think it is probably most suitable for children aged from about 2-7.

Here's the story....

Penny Platypus to the Rescue

© Peter E Taylor

Penny and Paul Platypus had two young puggles called Flipper and Fuzzy.

“Stay close to the edge,” Penny said to her children, “or you’ll get washed away. I’m going to clean the nest.”

Fuzzy helped by collecting soft moss, but Flipper dived into the deep water and chased freshwater-shrimps.

“You can’t catch us,” said the biggest one, and they squeezed between the large rocks.

Flipper found some caddis fly larvae.

“You can’t eat us. We’re too crunchy.” They crawled into their stony cases and hid.

Flipper swam with the fish.

“We can swim better than you,” said the stripy one. They moved into the swirling twirling rapids - and Flipper followed.

When Penny appeared, Flipper was being rocked and tossed, this way and that way, by the waves. He looked disgustingly sick – and he was very close to the rapids, boulders and waterfall below.

“Oh, no. Oh, help!!” Flipper wailed, as the river carried him away.

Suddenly, two monsters appeared, and he was whisked high in the sky in a net.

“Ahhhh! Wonderful!” He was saved.

Penny hoped the monsters would let Flipper run away – but they tipped him upside down into a bucket with slippery sides. The net plunged from the sky and he was trapped.

This was even worse than the rapids.

Soon the monsters were swinging Flipper from side to side, backwards and forwards, as they walked along the path.

Where were they taking him? What would he eat?

Penny could hear Flipper crying.

She ran through the trees and called to Flipper.

Penny yanked on a vine to trip up the monsters – but they walked right over it.

She paddled along the river and splashed and sploshed to make the monsters stop and watch her, but they kept walking.

She ran over the fallen tree trunk that bridged the river and was just in time to see the monsters put the bucket down next to a huge yellow machine. The monsters pushed a button on the machine and its gigantic mouth opened wide.

“Start climbing. Fast!” she called to Flipper.

What else could she do?

Penny ran in a big circle round the monsters.

This time the monsters did see Penny.

While they watched Penny, Flipper wiggle waggled his tail, and the bucket moved.

Maybe he could get out.

He jumped, and the bucket wobbled.

He scrambled and clawed, and it rocked.

Flipper grabbed the net and tugged and heaved, then gave one last enormous leap and the bucket fell over.

Flipper and Penny dashed through the long grass.

They bounded over the fallen tree and swam and glided through the calm water by the river bank, and back home.

Paul had caught lots of freshwater-shrimps for their tea.

“Will you teach me how to catch shrimps?” asked Flipper.

‘Try hunting for worms on the river bank instead,” suggested Penny, and Flipper did - at least, for a while.