Herbert the Frog

Peter E Taylor ©2003

There once was a tree-frog
who lived by a gate,
And he hopped out each night
at a quarter to eight.

Herbert the frog
jumped into a tree
And hunted for insects
- one night he caught three.

"Yum!" said Herbert,
ate a fly and was set
To swallow two moths
- then a lady he met.

Back home at the gate-post
he was sitting inside,
When she put her hand round him,
"Oh, yucky!" she cried.

"I'm nice!" said Herbert,
"I eat insects, you know.
I even crunch mozzies
That might bite your toe!"

She then said to Herbert
"Yes, I do like your eyes -
And green is so pretty,
but I got a surprise!

Please give me a croak
next time when I'm near,
And I'll say 'Hello!' nicely.
You've nothing to fear!"

So now Herbert calls
when she gets near the gate,
And she smiles and waves to
her little green mate.

A lady came to visit us,
and really did shout
"Oh, yucky!" when she thought
she'd gripped a gate handle,
but found that she was holding
a green tree-frog instead.

We all laughed when she'd gone.

We like the tree-frog
that lives in our gate-post.

The concept for this book was to have the covers looking like a gate, and the spine to be hollow like the gate-post. In the spine would be a removable frog finger-puppet.

This will probably be too expensive for a publisher, but one day I'll try to illustrate it myself, for fun, and hand bind some 'artist's books' this way.