Illustration Techniques

I'm building this website as fast as I can. I've only just started on this section - but it will be huge when it's finished.

I will provide pictures of ways that a wide range of techniques can be used, with some samples of my work and that of my friends.

I'll also provide instructions so that you can try some yourself.

Please let me know if you would like me to let you know when I have added something new here, or elsewhere on this site.

Raising a design from the surface of paper.
Here's a sample and some instructions. You can also use this technique for greetings cards and to help you win competitions.

A Single Section Bookbinding
Use your writing and illustrating skills to create your own book.
I have won competitions with books like this too.

Celtic Art
7th century drawing styles brought into the 21st century. Could these ideas start you creating your own illuminations?

Colour Blending
A useful technique when painting decorative capital letters and medieval-style leaves and borders.
This is part of a book I'm working on, and it also appears
on the 'In Progress' page.

Have fun with finger prints!
You can use them to create simple characters and more complex pictures.