In Progress

'How to Win Competitions'

It's for children and adults. All content ideas are finalised, so now I need to write a proposal to send to publishers. Here's a draft of one small section. If you try out any of the techniques and achieve success, please let me know - it will be good if I can prove that my methods work. Get winning now!

I've made a start on too many new books. I keep getting ideas, and …I just write about them.

I've actually got a YA biography well on the way - but the details of that will remain a secret for a while longer, along with those of the picture book that a publisher says they like, and continue to talk about with me!

I know, I know, I'm supposed to take all books one by one and complete each in turn, and not allow myself to get distracted …but that's hard!

This one has been worked on off and on for a few years:

'Piggy Lander Goes Missing' - a story for children aged 10-13, inspired by an event in the life of Joe Bugner, the former UK and Australian Heavyweight Boxing Champions. It's a humourous kid detective book. Here's an early draft of the first half (hopefully satisfying in itself). I've got a plot for the other half, but writing it has been 'on the back-burner' for a while. Maybe you'd like to help me do some 'brainstorming'.

'Making Your Own Greetings Cards and Invitations' All the designs are finalised. I just have to make heaps of cards myself to photograph for the potential illustrations, write the descriptions, write the proposal and three sample chapters... Here's one design to try.

'Illumination and Decoration for Calligraphers and Artists' It's for older children and adults. Here's some sample instructions. In this site's section of 'Completed Books' you will also find a 'completed concept' for a book on...

'Borders' If I manage to sell this, I'll take photos at stages while I'm painting and try to use them for a different book.

Other things I've started:

· 'Lettering and Decoration Fun for Children - and improve your school projects' - I have chapter headings, notes and 4 or 5 chapters each half done. I can use them in workshops.

· Passing Examinations is Easier Than You Think - I've finished half of this one, the 'Study Skills' part, but I want to make this book 'different' by providing clues on what teachers look for in answers.

…then I have another for adults on Garden Design Inspired by the Landscape, for which I have an introduction written and a heap of photographs taken.

I must stop getting ideas!

Oh, and please check my 'finished concept' for my book of 'Inspirational Sayings and Stories' (which comes in the 'Just Finished' section). You'll find a competition for people who would like to contribute a story.

Please tell me about anything you enjoy here, or use, or any instruction you find hard to follow.