Inspirational Sayings
and Stories

Many stories illustrate inspirational sayings.

This is another book idea that I would like to 'sell' to a publisher before I work on it too much further, in case they want a different size and shape.

I feel that it could be of interest to both children and adults.

The concept is that the saying is presented artistically in calligraphy on one page, and the corresponding story printed on the facing page.

This is the concept - but I will provide a larger version of the calligraphy underneath, and a copy of the story for you to read.

Gerry was getting old, but he planned to build a room under his house, so that he and his mates could play pool. He had been digging out soil with a pick and shovel for months, and he was exhausted. When Malcolm, and his new employee, Paul, had finished using their excavator to create a new driveway for the neighbours, Gerry asked them if they could finish levelling the floor for him.

"Sure, Old Fella!'" said Malcolm, and he and Paul spent half a day getting it just perfect.

"How much are you going to charge him for that?" asked Paul.


"You must be crazy! You'll go broke in no-time!"

"What goes around, comes around!" replied Malcolm, and away they drove.

Two days later Malcolm and Paul were at another job, demolishing a retaining wall, and had a truck-load of soil and concrete to dump. Malcolm sent Paul off with the truck and a hundred dollars to pay the tip-fees.

When Paul returned, he told Malcolm that the man on the gate had taken one look at the name on the side of the truck and let him through without paying. "I know what you did for old Gerry, who lives opposite me!" he said.

"I told you 'What goes around, comes around'!"

Malcolm and Paul continued to be waved through the tip gate, free of charge, for the rest of the time that the same man worked there. Malcolm reckoned his small deed of kindness ended up saving him over twenty thousand dollars.

I have a few other stories completed for this book and some more artwork done, but I am still looking for about an extra 20 stories with matching sayings.


Original stories are required with matching copyright free inspirational sayings. (The story that matches 'What goes around, comes around' is a true one!)

Stories should be between 320 and 400 words long. (If you are over or under, I can edit to the required number.

I will edit all stories to produce a cohesive style, and I will hold copyright of the edited version.

Those stories that are selected will be illustrated. You will receive a copy of the artwork. If the book gets published, you will receive a complimentary copy. Acknowledgement will be given to authors as "Original story by...."

Stories will not necessarily be selected on literary merit, but more on originality, inspriational quality, matching quotation and possibility for illustration.

There is no time limit on this competition. It will be closed when sufficient stories have been collected to produce the book.

Please paste your story, with your name and address, into the area for messages. Thank you.