Kangaroo's Visitor gets a Surprise

What is this invention all the other animals are talking about? Koala decides to find out ... but will he ever be the same again?
What a surprise! What a laugh!

This picture book is for children aged 2-8, has been beautifully illustrated by Gail Breese and published by Trafford.

Here are some pages from it ...

As you can see, the characters are Australian animals and birds, the main ones being Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra, Dingo and Owl. Others that appear in the illustrations are Goanna, Galah, Northern Blossom-Bat, and Pigmy-Possum.

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A fractionally different version is available from Writers-Exchange as either a downloadable ebook or as a Kindle edition.

Kangaroo's Visitor eBook

Kangaroo's Visitor - Kindle Edition

Here are some things to
draw and make.

Draw A Koala The Easy Way

Make A Kangaroo Bookmark

Make A Model Kangaroo That Stands Up

Being a humorous story, there are some things that everyone will know are not true ...like, kangaroos don't live in their own houses with a door-bell. However, although some of the animals have been given smiley or grumpy expressions, Gail Breese's pictures are quite accurate illustrations, even if not always perfectly drawn to scale. So, to enable you to tell fact from fiction, here is some true information about the Australian wildlife shown in the book. (I hope everyone will find the facts interesting, but they will also be useful to teachers if the book is read in schools.)

Australian Wildlife Facts





Boobook Owl



Blossom Bat

Long-tailed Pigmy-possum