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Practical Calligraphy

Published by Hinkler Books in 2010 in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, South Africa and available in the US and from some online stores.

They say it's:

"An informative and easy-to-follow guide to the beautiful art of lettering and handwriting. Follow the simple instructions to master classic alphabet scripts and learn how to modify and personalise these styles for an infinite range of stunning effects. Have fun designing letters and creating your own individual calligraphy styles."

I'm also still celebrating the release of:

101 Things To Do
Before You Grow Up

which was published worldwide in July 2009 by Hinkler Books and going to reprint in December 2009.

I co-wrote it with George Ivanoff and Sofija Stefanovic

Quoting Hinkler's propaganda:-

"Everybody has to grow up one day. But before you do, make sure you have a whole lot of fun! Whether you?re young or just young at heart, you'll find something to fire your imagination and get your pulse racing in 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up. Discover a world of new and not-so-new things to learn and do. With all sorts of practical and interesting activities ranging from making a scooter and learning to juggle to building an electromagnet and extracting DNA in your own kitchen, there's never an excuse to be bored!"

'Kangaroo's Visitor gets a Surprise'

It's been published as a downloadable e-book by Writers Exchange
(Click here for details) .

It's been exquisitely illustrated by Gail Breese and I'm sure kids will love it.

You'll find some more pictures and excerpts from it, plus things to make or do, and true facts about the Australian wildlife used as characters in the story at My New Book.

Here are a few other things I've had published over the years...

'The Australian Manual of Calligraphy' was first published by Allen and Unwin in 1987, and it went to several reprints. Unwin Hyman, a branch of HarperCollins , also published it in the UK and New Zealand in 1988 under the title 'A Manual of Calligraphy'.

They're out of print now, but still in libraries and secondhand copies of both are usually available on and eBay. (eBay copies are usually cheaper.)

All 208 pages were written by hand in calligraphy. One day I may type it out and make it available on CD or in pdf format, but all the diagrams and colour plates may make it a bit slow to download. I'll have to experiment.

At talks, I can show people how the book was created. At one time it involved a team of Chinese 'surgeons' dissecting the printing plates with scalpels to produce colour separations.

I've written and illustrated articles for periodicals. This is one that my work appears in.

'Developing Your Own Style and Voice', appears in the February / March 2004 edition of the Writing For Success Newsletter - If you don't subscribe to it already, I recommend it. You can download a free copy to look at first.

In October 2006, Pearson published an article I wrote and illustrated in their 'Explore Magazine', which they describe as 'Australia's National Children's Magazine'. The topic for the edition was 'Fancy That!' - so my article was on 'fancy writing' - calligraphy. I also did the fancy O for the magazine title.

This one I wrote for the museum where I worked as the Curator of Natural History.

Books are like children and I love all the ones that I've written. Usually the most recent one, or the one that I'm working on at present is the favourite, but this little one from long ago is high on the 'all-time favourites' list.

It's a collection of obscure facts about some British plants, and I did the illustrations too. It was published by the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Trust for Nature Conservation.

I hope I will be able to add to this section of the site.

I have several books completed and hot off the writing-desk, for which I would like to find publishers, and more in progress, but I'll tell you about them on other web pages.