How to Win

Peter E. Taylor ©2003

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Hi Peter,

I wanted to thank you VERY much for your help and suggestions with the John Edward competition. I received a phone call today to say that I am one of the prizewinners!!! I followed just about all of your suggestions and they certainly worked!
Susie B

Hi Peter!

Just thought I'd send you a quick message to say that your "how to win competitions" advice has just earned me another prize!
Susie B

Imagine what it would be like if you could throw sixes every time you rolled the dice.

Imagine what it would be like to go to the letter-box expecting that you had won another competition.

What could it be today? A boat perhaps.

A car.


Would you like an all expenses paid overseas holiday? A new computer with all the features you could dream of? My favourite time of the day is going to the letter box, or seeing the delivery truck pull up outside.

Using the power of words, and some ingenuity, prizes like these could easily be yours.

For years I entered competitions and won absolutely nothing. But then some clients of mine realised that I had skills that would help them win a holiday in Paris, hampers of food and anything they wanted. And guess what happened? As soon as I understood what they were doing, and started trying for myself, I began winning too!

In the most recent competitions that I have entered, I have won : a digital camera; a watch; clothing; an Agfa scanner; office supplies; an inkjet printer; groceries; a meal for two at one of the best restaurants in the city - there are not many that I entered where I failed to win a prize.

……To be continued. This is the beginning of my book on the subject.

Here are some tips it will contain.

There is much much more you need to know. However if you only try these ideas, now, you will have a far better chance of winning straight away.

Try them, and please let me know of your successes.

The Basics

· Try all competitions - someone has to win - BUT …

· The harder they are to enter, the fewer people you will be competing with, and the better are your chances of winning. So…

· Look for competitions where you have to write something. These provide the greatest chance of winning.

· Local competitions are good, because there will be fewer entrants than a national competition.

· You must follow the rules precisely. This sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many entries are discarded because some requirement has not been met - like the number of bar codes, which part of the box has to be included.

Ideas for Adults (and Children) …

· When a slogan is required, create a pun, or a rhyme. For example if the competition was sponsored by Cadbury and the prize was a new car, you might write :

With Cadbury taste and a new MG
I'll live in style I guarantee

For a computer competition :

I buy my software at XXXX store because …
every time I 'enter', I 'save' a 'bundle'.

· Always try and include the name of the sponsor.

Good writing, a slogan with a pun or a rhyme, wins time and time again. There are other methods you can use to further increase your chance of winning by over 300%. The book, when it is complete, will explain all that you need to know.

Ideas For children …

· When you enter a colouring competition, add something to the picture.

Here are some suggestions:

If there are no clouds in the sky, add some.

Add birds, or an aeroplane, or a hot air balloon in the sky.

Add extra details to clothes - for example add flowers to a plain dress.

Use just a little bit of glitter - perhaps add a glittery necklace, or add some around the hem of a dress or sleeves, or add some sparkle to shoes.

· If the picture to be coloured has no border, draw one.

· If you can, make the border relate to the picture - for example, if the picture has trees in it, stick some real dried leaves around the picture to make the border.

· The neatness of your colouring really does matter.

………Please revisit this site. I will add more tips from time to time before the book is complete.

When the whole book is available for purchase, you will have the opportunity of being one of the few competitors who know the secrets of winning avalanches of prizes - unstoppable landslides of them.

Happy and successful 'comping'!

If this helps you win a prize in a competion, please let me know.