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You'll discover a taste of what's been happening in my writing life, snippets of what may appear in my books in progress, something to entertain you, stories, articles, useful facts and trivia, publishing information and news of what's new on this site.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit to my blog - though I haven't added to it for a while. Making more posts is something else on the 'to do list', but I am planning on setting up a new one which will be hosted on this website, rather than by another business (Blogger).

But I really will start posting to this one more often in the meantime.

You can either add it to your favourites, or you can have a new entry arrive automatically on your computer as soon as I have added it to the blog.

I'll tell you how on your return to this page.

To enjoy the blog first,


Welome back! Thank you for reading it.

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