Just Finished

Generally, if a story or work is viewable on a website, publishers consider it 'already published' and will not consider it for production as a book.

Not everything that any writer produces is publishable, or intended to be made into a traditional book. There are many texts written that, after completing them, authors realise that they are seriously flawed and best kept hidden in the bottom drawer.

Some things are written for fun.

Sometimes an idea for a book is first developed, and this idea is pitched to publishers in a 'proposal'. If the publisher likes the idea, it's contents are discussed and finalised and then the text and illustrations produced.

Books can also be self-published or alternatively created as 'artist's books' where the binding, illustration and text are given special treatment to produce limited edition copies.

Here are some recent stories, poems and articles - fresh off the writing desk.

I hope you enjoy them.

Are they finished? Picture book authors keep tweaking the words and are rarely 100 percent sure.

Herbert the Frog is being re-written as a rap or multi-part song.

I'm deciding if I will attempt to illustrate two of them myself. Though publishers usually like to choose illustrators, for my own satisfaction I may draw and paint something for these books and send 'dummies' to publishers - just in case they like my work. If they prefer to use their own artist, that will be just fine.

When books involve a lot of illustrating, it’s not wise to complete all illustrations in colour with the thought that they will be the final versions. One or two pages in colour is enough. The art director at a publishing house may decide that the book should be square instead of rectangular and will probably suggest changes to layout or other aspects of the pictures.

I’ve other texts for possible books which I think are finished, but they are taking a little rest before I look at them yet again to see if I can make them 'sparkle' even more with just one more re-edit.

'The Wind Goes On Holiday'
- A picturebook story for children about 2 - 6 years old. It is also provided in the 'Writing Tips' section of this site where it has been used to show editing technique.

Herbert the Frog
- A rhyming picturebook story.

The Doze Goes Wandering - A rhyming picturebook story. Here's something for children to draw too.

Borders - Decorated and illuminated borders suitable to surround poems, stories or prayers - with two suggestions.

Penny Platypus to the Rescue - A story for children from about 2 - 7 years old. (It is also provided as a 'Bedtime Story'.)

Inspirational Sayings and Stories - Inspiring stories with matching inspirational sayings in colourful calligraphy.

My Desk - An article ...just for fun. My desk is like a black-hole, but in reverse!