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Welcome to my ever-growing Writing for Children website! It’s for adults who wish to write for children and for children who enjoy writing …with tips for creating artwork, illustrations and handcrafted books, and historical examples.

Its aims:

  • To help children and adults develop a passion for the written word and books of every kind, and to encourage people of all ages to read, write and be creative.
  • To provide information and tips for adults and children, beginners and experts, to help develop their writing and illustrating, and art and craft-work skills for pleasure or publication.
  • To showcase my own books, ideas and techniques, plus a taste some of the things I discuss and teach in visits and workshops.
  • To be a fun and useful site.

I’m rebuilding and modernising this website as fast as I can!

 It will change and rapidly grow…the original one was started in 2002, consisted of 74 pages and was showing its age. It had to go!

While I am reconstructing, a gallery of my published and experimental art has been added to Flickr at


Illustration in Celtic style by author Peter Taylor


I collect books, read books, smell books, create artists books (sometimes even making the paper by hand), write books for publication – picture books, science, stories for all ages, and craft books – and illustrate some of them. I also give talks, workshops, masterclasses, provide exhibitions and work in residencies, and love helping people whenever possible.

Three of Peter Taylor's books, Once a Creepy Crocodile picture book, Calligraphy for Greetings Cards and Scrapbooking and 101 Things To Do Before You Grow Up.

Peter Taylor's artists books

Please explore!

Logo of the Society of Children's Book Writers and IllustratorsIn former lives, I taught high-school science, photography and art, and was a museum curator. I’ve also held the position of Coordinator of the Australian state of Queensland’s Chapter of the 25,000 international member strong Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – the world’s premier organisation for children’s book creators. If you are serious about being a writer or illustrator for children, you may like to join, too.

Best wishes,
Peter Taylor
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