Practical Calligraphy and Latest Editions

Author:  Peter Taylor

Publisher:  Hinkler Books, 2010 

ISBN 10:  1741855632
ISBN 13:  978-1741855630

Binder with six sections, each of 32 pages (192 pages)

For ages 9+ to adult

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Creative Calligraphy includes a 48 page manual of how to write Italic, Gothic and Celtic calligraphy Peter Taylor's calligraphy guide book A pen set kit that includes a how to do it manual by calligrapher and author Peter taylor A calligraphy book created by author Peter Taylor A calligraphy and lettering book containing sections by Peter Taylor

Before being contracted to write and illustrate this book, in 2009 I had written two sections of 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up for Hinkler Books. When I sent some illustration suggestions by snail-mail, I wrote on the envelope in calligraphy. “Oh,” they said, “we’ve been thinking of publishing a calligraphy book. Could you write one for us?”

I studied calligraphy through workshops provided by The Society of Scribes and Illuminators in England in the 1970s and 80s, benefiting from the expertise of many of the world’s most highly regarded practitioners. Now having a business as a professional calligrapher in Australia, I complete commissions, have work exhibited in galleries and teach the craft through workshops and private tuition. Some examples can be seen on the Talks and Workshops  page of this website.

My dedicated calligraphy website

Practical Calligraphy is for older children aged 9 and over, and adults, to give beginners a sound grounding in the art of calligraphy, but it also provides alphabet variations and tips useful for experienced lettering artists. It contains photographs of works by expert calligraphers, including the ‘Queens’s Scribe’ Donald Jackson, that are held in private collections and not reproduced in any other book.

The publisher, Hinkler Books, purchased copyright in 2010. This allows them to use any part of the book for any purpose at any time without contacting me, and they have compiled a number of spin-off products – books and practice pads included in kits – using parts of the original text and some of the illustrations. 

This Masterclass set contains a 48 page calligraphy book by Peter Taylor

Art Maker Calligraphy Masterclass

Author:  Peter Taylor

Publisher:  Hinkler Books, 2017 (still in print)

ISBN:  9781488910104

48 page book included

A 48 page calligraphy book by Peter Taylor

“A fun and easy way to learn the beautiful craft of calligraphy, Calligraphy Masterclass contains everything you need to practice this superb art form. The comprehensive 48-page Calligraphy Masterclass book contains instructions on how to master classic alphabet scripts and design letters to create your own individual calligraphic styles, as well as samples from well-known calligraphers and helpful tips from the author, professional calligrapher and teacher Peter Taylor…”

And it has a Best seller sticker!



“…It is a 48 page book filled with detailed instructions how to produce the strokes. The instructional book is my favorite item inside the set because it provides a thorough description and step by step process on how to write the letters. Also, there are bonus tips and tricks on how to easily produce the strokes. Another factor that I considered is that it is very easy to carry wherever I go. The material also is made up of a magazine type paper which is not easily torn so double plus! I really love it and it serves as my reference to the different styles. There are different styles taught in the instructional book: Foundational Hand, Gothic, Italic, and Uncial. Among all the items, the instructional book stands out the most and it makes the set a really wise buy!…”   @rewritesthings

There’s another shaped set that is similar: Art Maker Complete Calligraphy Kit:

This Art Maker calligraphy set contains a book by calligrapher and author Peter Taylor

Published 2017

ISBN 9781488910302

Older versions you may still find…

Creative Calligraphy contains longer 64 page books that I believe are all my work:This calligraphy set contains a book by calligrapher and author Peter Taylor

Published 2011
Hinkler Books
ISBN: 9781741847024

Published 2013
Hinkler Books
ISBN: 978-1743522974
Creative calligraphy contains a book by author and calligrapher Peter Taylor

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Published 2013   Hinkler Books  ISBN  1743528825
EAN  9781743528822

This calligraphy book contains the work of calligrapher and author Peter Taylor

The Art of Drawing Letters: Hand-Lettering & Calligraphy

Publisher:  Hinkler Books, 2018
ISBN 9781488909900

This one has used some of the contents from my original book, but sections have also been provided by two graphic artists.

Apparently it’s a Best Seller, too!


…And Hinkler Books keep producing more new versions

Since April 2019…

Calligraphy Masterclass Mini Box Set

ISBN 9781488915079
This includes an edited version of my book, taking it down to 16 pages and providing instruction only for Italic writing style.
‘This kit is a fun and easy way to learn the beautiful craft of calligraphy. The 16-page Calligraphy Masterclass book contains instructions on how to set up a work space, source and use materials, master the italic alphabet to create individual calligraphic styles and helpful tips from the author, professional calligrapher and teacher Peter Taylor.’

Mini Box Set of Calligraphy Masterclass with a book by Peter TaylorClick for high resolution cover image

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Also published in 2019…

There are two versions of this Calligraphy Practice Kit.

One has a pen, 2 nibs and a 64 page book:
ISBN: 9781488941511

The other is called ‘Small Format’
ISBN 9781488916656
and has fewer ink cartridges and a 16 page book.

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Published October 2020

Calligraphy Masterclass Carry Case

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Advertised age: 8-88
ISBN 9781488943492

“The Calligraphy Masterclass Carry Case is the ultimate introduction to the beautiful art of lettering and handwriting. Follow the simple instructions to master classic alphabet scripts and learn how to modify these styles to produce an infinite range of stunning effects. 

“Budding calligraphists will be crafting truly unique works including birthday cards, family documents, photo albums and more in no time! The carry case includes a 48-page Calligraphy Masterclass instruction book, a 32-page exercise and practice book, a putty eraser, a pencil, three nibs, 20 ink refills, a calligraphy pen and a T-ruler – all beautifully packaged in a portable case!”

Published in February 2021

Art Maker Essentials: Calligraphy Kit

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ISBN 9781488942907

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Pen, 2 nibs, 12 ink cartridges and a 32 page book

From the Hinkler Books Website:

“Art doesn’t have to be complicated. When it comes down to it, all anyone needs is a few tools, some good instructions from an experienced artist and some blank pages on which to begin. This is exactly what’s inside ArtMaker Essentials: Calligraphy. 

“Here we’ve created a beginner’s guide to the art of calligraphy, featuring artist Peter Taylor’s top tips and tricks to take the guess-work out of where to start and what to create first, to help make calligraphy practice a time of relaxation, creativity and pleasure. Set up as a user-friendly pad with directions on one side of the page and room to draw on the other, as well as the nibs, ink and calligraphy pen included, this is the perfect kit to help anyone find their next creative outlet or rediscover an old one.”

When you’ve used up all the cartridges, new ones should fit that are termed ‘International’ size…which are made by a wide variety of fountainpen ink manufacturers. You can also purchase a converter that you fill from a bottle of ink.


And the latest… Released 1 August, 2021

Modern Calligraphy

ISBN 9781488922190

“Create beautiful, contemporary lettering with a personal flourish. In concise, easy-to-follow steps, ArtMaker: Modern Calligraphy explains everything a beginner needs to know about calligraphy and hand lettering, including the basics of letter formation, changing line weights, uppercase and lowercase variations, exploring different lettering and calligraphic styles and connecting letters seamlessly.The 48-page instruction book provides a sound foundation to expressing your own feelings, mood and personality via the handwritten word. From greeting cards to posters and prints, in the modern age of mass production, the art of calligraphy is a wonderful way to create unique, handmade keepsakes.”

It’s so new I haven’t seen the actual finished product yet…but I believe it has wonderful content by expert Joanna Chia, too.

It  includes: • 48-page book   • A calligraphy pen with two nibs
• 2 dual-tip markers
• 18 ink cartridges  • Exercise pad

And in the US…

by Joanna Chia and Peter Taylor 

ISBN 9781488920417

(I haven’t yet seen this product, either)